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E-mail Me:


Just Me:

Facebook: Sure you can be my friend.
Twitter: This is where I really hang out.
Yahoo!: My real e-mail address.


FAWM & 50/90: Workspaces for awesome.
Denver Ukulele Community: My strumming buddies.
Free Sound: Simply the coolest place for free racket.
SlideMeister: The home of the chromatic harmonica.
Ukulele Chordfinder: Quickest way to find a weird chord.
Ukuleles In The Classroom: I’m certified to teach this.
Ukulele Underground: The home of the ukulele.


ArticlesBase: I post fake articles with bullet points here.
Book in a Week: First week of each month.
NaNoWriMo: Every November I fail at this.
ScriptFrenzy: I write a script or two every April.

Photo & Video:

Flickr: Our vacation photos mostly.
Tumblr: 1366×768 photos for my laptop I found.
YouTube: Horrible attempts at videography.


Pencil Jack: I post doodles here sometimes.
Cartographers Guild: Come draw maps with me.

If I Ever Left My Basement:

Denver Post Theatre: Most useful page in the Post.
Found: Restore your faith in humanity; you’re not alone.
New Yorker: You only need to read the cartoons.
Pianist Magazine: For realizing you’ve got further to go.
Playwrights’ Center:¬†Resources for playwrights.
Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers: Local scribes.
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association: Aliens!
Second Life: A great place to learn 3D design.
Smashwords: I think I’ll post here someday.
Starbucks Gossip: Best place to show how awesome my job is.
WattPad: Home of the rough draft. Coming soon.


Audacity for sound recording.
CeltX for writing screenplays.
FileZilla for file transfers
Finale for scoring music.
GIMP for photo editing.
Komposer for web design.
Reaper for sound editing and hurting your brain.
Scrivener for novel writing on Macintosh.

Me on the inside.

Not me.


I use this little guy as my avatar on most web sites. I found this image on the web, but he looks frighteningly like me at that age. I’m pretty sure I owned the same hat and I like to think I had that same ukulele. I know I had pistols and a holster for them. I had cowboys painted on my toy box. Yee haw.




A couple of recent photos:

Gary Jugert on Ukulele Portrait

Really Me

My Brother Devil Dog

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