Consignments … Yes We Do

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Got three nice ukuleles in the shop we’d love to have you come play. Give us a call to set up an appointment and we’ll let your rawk out first class.

The Kamaka is a recently repaired gold label and sounds as sweet as its island roots. ($650)

The Kanilea couldn’t be a nicer example of what a first-class ukulele can bring to your sound. It comes with a really nice case and will make you proud to join the family of handcrafted instruments. ($800)

The Martin is a modern and well cared for version inspired by the classic Martin sound. It’s got two cases and a bunch of accessories. It’s worth setting up an appointment to play. ($650-ish)

As always, call before you stop by to make sure we’re at World Headquarters and ready to open the secret vault.

Contact us at 303-984-0777 or

Website prices aren’t always the best we can do, so come down and give us an idea what you think the ukulele is worth and we’ll contact the owner to see if they agree with you.