Private Lessons for Adults:

Private lessons are $20 per half hour if you do my system. (You should, it works.) I hold a certification from the James Hill Ukuleles in the Classroom teacher certification institute and I’ve subsequently revised and rewrote and created from scratch a bulletproof system for getting the most out of you and your ukulele or guitar.

Private lessons are $25 per half hour if we do your system. (You saw something online, or bought a book by somebody else, or you saw a cute girl strumming something awesome on YouTube and you want me to help you learn it.)

Add $5 per half hour if I agree to travel to you.

Private Lessons for Kids:

Academic research agrees most students should be about 10 years old before you put them into fretted instrument instruction. Prior to fourth grade, we like to see kids in percussion, singing, piano, and if you’re extremely dedicated, violin.

Having said that, I know there is no end to the number of guitar teachers who will sign up your 5 year old, plunk a 6-string monstrosity in their lap, and fill your head with visions of success at Red Rocks. I also know your kid is “different.” 🙂

If your kiddo is younger than 10 years old, I will take them as a student, but you will agree to be seated side by side with them during lessons and be an active participant. Honestly, I’ll be teaching YOU, and then if your little one likes it, you’ll be their main encouragement.

Group Classes:

Top Secret: This is the BEST way to learn ukulele or guitar and it can be the most fun too. I keep all of my group classes listed on the Rocky Mountain Ukulele Orchestra website. Click HERE to get the lowdown. This is where the fun stuff is and where I really put my heart and soul into action.


Voice, Violin, Piano & Other Stuff:

I’ve been very lucky to meet and befriend a small army of dedicated music teachers. Please check with me first if you are interested in other instruments. I bet I know the right person to take you to the next level.




Gary Jugert: Teaches all levels of ukulele and runs the guitar and ukulele orchestras. garyjugert@yahoo.com

Here are the current listings: http://ukuleleorchestra.org/classes/ and http://ukuleleorchestra.org/summer/


Marnie Ward: Teaches voice and performance.


April Penney: Teaches violin and guitar.

April’s Summer Blitz: Daytime this June and July: penneylessons@gmail.com