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School Girls vs. Aliens!

Altoid’s (not so) Erotic Space Opera for Ukulele


Altoid brings his family to Earth to experience moral ambiguity and things quickly go off the rails. Scheming schoolgirls, jealous wives, the girls from the country club, and too much beer lead to the tragic tale of a vacation gone wrong. The libretto and 50 songs may drive you off to Iota Draconis yourself. The main page for Altoid is HERE.

The Jumping Flea Arpeggiator

Arpeggios for the High G Ukulele

This is the first edition of the Jumping Flea Arpeggiator. It is the single most important book of etudes you can tackle if you’re intending to grow from being an intermediate level player to an advanced player on the ukulele. It’s free! If you own a ukulele, you should be working on these each day for five minutes.


Tin Pan Alley and Americana never sounded so annoying and loud. (You can play all of these sheets on a regular ukulele and you’ll be much happier — unless you’re weird.) Here’s where I am posting the stuff for the instrument you accidentally learned to play by learning to play the ukulele.









I have the best book of Christmas songs for ukulele anywhere. You should ask me for a copy.

My guitar book is pretty legit too. Some of the sheet music is HERE.


An area to post the crap you probably think you want to play on ukulele.

Transvestites in Paris Hilton-ville

A post-apocalyptic pet-sitting concerto for toy piano, ukulele and piccolo

Paris Hilton’s First Memoir, Transvestites, a Post Apocalyptic Pet Sitting Service, toy piano, ukulele and a piccolo. What could go wrong? Find out HERE.

Drunken Friends

Updating the books My Pious Friends and Drunken Companions with modern words.

Flying Spaghetti Monster

My trilogy. It’s a three part endless novel. It’s a song book. It’s a work my wife read and said, “I hate every one of these characters.”



A little Roman philosophy you didn’t know you should care about.


The Bloody Rebellion a Voodoo Zombie Cheerleader and Her Vigilante Ukulele Jazz Orchestra


  • There is SO much wrong (and by wrong I mean right) with my favorite musical for ukulele orchestra and it’s 53 songs, maybe 54, I can’t remember, but way too many.

Denver Guitar Orchestra

  • This is a multi-level certification program that prepares you to play solo, small ensemble, and full orchestra guitar music.
  • No, you can’t skip levels just because you can play an electric guitar really loud and fast.
  • This group is designed to give players of all abilities a safe place to play with others without the “big personalities” you normally find at most guitar groups.
  • Click HERE for the sheet music and sound files.


I bought this thing for $200 at Guitar Center in Eugene, Oregon. I guess I should use it for something.

Mammoth Gardens

My epic poem that somehow ties all this other malarkey together.

Muddy Waters of the Platte

My Denver musical where the main character is a coffee shop. A paean to the way things used to be and an old man’s belief that they should still be that way.

New Yorker

Tunes inspired by New Yorker cartoons.

Toy Piano & Some “Real” Piano Too


I really am a piano player at heart, but my practice habits don’t support the notion. Here’s my piano page.

William Shakespeare’s Sonnets Arranged for Baritone Ukulele


  • William Shakespeare’s Sonnets forced onto sheet music!
  • Ideally played on a baritone ukulele.
  • You can also play them on a guitar, tenor banjo, or low G ukulele.
  • Progress: 6 of 154 posted. Last update July 15, 2017
  • Go here: Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Rocky Mountain Ukulele Orchestra

What’s the largest (we’re pretty sure) and most important (jury is still out) orchestra in Colorado? The Rocky Mountain Ukulele Orchestra!


Yup, I wrote a musical about Tiger Woods and his girlfriends. It grew instantly stale as you might imagine. But, half of the songs are William Blake poems set to music. They came out sweet.


When I’m dead, they’ll call these my unfinished symphonies. I like them. Nobody else will.


You ever been around theater people? This is my musical against everything they stand for.


A student of a friend of mine in New York City had a student who drew a funny character on the board. I wrote a song about that and then a whole musical for kids about fantastic creatures.


I’ve Started Taking Lessons (January 2017)


  • Daisy Bell for Violin: PDF

Instant Song Chord Generator (use random number generator at the bottom of the page)