Shakespeare’s Sonnets arranged for Baritone Ukulele*

*If you read tablature (and can ignore the standard notation’s pitches), you’ll be fine playing these on a regular ukulele (mostly). A ukulele tuned to low G will produce nicer results. You can also use the bottom (highest pitched strings) on a guitar. And there’s always a tenor banjo tuned Chicago style. Shakespeare on the banjo … yup. The struggle is over.


Click on the sonnet number for a PDF of the sheet music.


Sonnet #1

From fairest creatures we desire increase (A minor)

Sonnet #2

When forty winters shall besiege thy brow (G major)

Sonnet #3

Look in thy glass and tell the face thou viewest (D minor)

Sonnet #4

Unthrifty loveliness, why dost thou spend (A major)



MSWord work file of all sonnets. This isn’t helpful for anybody except me.