Hofner Western Jumbo 5154


Ya know how when they tell you not to leave your guitar in the car? Well, we might also suggest not leaving your guitar in the garage for 30 years. Here's a big, amazing sounding relic from the past that looks like we pulled it out of a burning building. The finish is a mess and probably not worth fixing. The tone is wonderful. The pick guard is fully functional. And it has a zero fret so you know the rock stars are going to be jumping for this one. If you want to make great guitar music on an ugly machine, this guitar tends to float in the mid-$600's, but since we pre-wrecked the thing, come on down and we'll negotiate your walkin' away fee. The original case looks better than the guitar. Used. No discounts apply. Call or text 303-984-0777 for an appointment to rawk.