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If you're new to this website, or playing harmonica, there is a video a little ways down this page you should watch.

The main purpose of this website is to encourage you to make music on the harmonica melodically with other people and as a soloist. All sheet music posted is arranged for ensemble play with other musicians. It's real sheet music meant for real musicians and my longterm plan is for people to take chromatic harmonica seriously again. (Everybody hates harmonica right now -- except eight old white guys. It's a cool instrument, let's take it seriously.)

Gary Jugert's Big Book of Harmonica: I no longer publish this as a giant PDF because it's a pain in the patoot. I update these sheets on a regular basis, so only print what you need right now. Or, better, use an iPad. If you plan to do something fishy with this music, please email me to let me know your plans.


I will be converting all of these into backing tracks when I have time so you can play along to them and sound amazing. You should be able to do that in front of other people and they won't hate it so much.

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Harmonica Stories


Ethnic stereotypes aside, Hohner felt harmonicas were for everybody. (What the heck is going on with the Navy dude?!) Read more about harmonica history in the Smithsonian: Industrial Espionage and Cutthroat Competition Fueled the Rise of the Humble Harmonica LINK

  • First instrument played in space: Jingle Bells on a Hohner Little Lady harmonica by Wally Schirra
  • Listen to some sheng ensemble music (the great grandfather of the harmonica) HERE

What do the Yankees baseball team and the history of harmonica share? "Harmonica Incident" LINK Oldtime Central's article on the early days of the harmonica is HERE.

Videos from previous sessions are HERE.

Live in the Denver-metro and want to meet in person?

Go sign up here: Lakewood Arts search for keyword “Harmonica” Harmonica Club - 17A4204 Come spend time honking around with one of the most amusing and affordable music making tools. We’ll learn about the types of harmonicas, the standard layouts, how to isolate single notes, and how to read harmonica tablature and standard notation. This class can be taken more than once. Advancing students will present solos to the class. Students may bring their own diatonic harmonica un the key of C or may purchase one from the instructor for $25. Required: One-time textbook fee of $10 payable to the instructor on the first day of class. Thursdays 5-6 pm Lakewood Cultural Center $55 Main topics: Reading standard notation and tablature, chords, finger picking, playing melodies, music theory (a tiny bit), solo and ensemble skills. No prior experience necessary for the Intro class. You must take the Intro class prior to joining the Continuing class. In addition to the class fee, the textbook is $10 payable directly to the teacher. You must bring a playable ukulele. Fall classes aren’t posted yet, but when they are, to register, go HERE and search keyword “ukulele”.

  • Session 1: Thursdays: September 7 to October 12, 2023. No class Sept. 21, Oct. 19.
    • 5 pm (Intro)
  • Session 2: Thursdays: October 26 to December 7, 2023. No class Nov. 16 & 23.
    • 5 pm (Intro)