GadzUkes: The Bloody Rebellion of a Voodoo Zombie Cheerleader and Her Vigilante Ukulele Jazz Orchestra

Cheerleaders, zombies, and ukuleles await you below.
It’s gonna get real ugly, before everyone dies ….

Turn Back Now?

Or if you insist…

GadzUkes!Cheering Rules
The Bloody Rebellion of a Voodoo Zombie Cheerleader and Her Vigilante Ukulele Jazz Orchestra

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01 Overture: A major. Zahari and Penelope under spotlights.
Sheet Music ~ Backing Track
02 We Are the Varsity: A major. Cheer squad at Mythic High.
Sheet Music ~ Backing Track
03 Zahari the Zombie: Bb major. Zahari introduces herself to the team.
Sheet Music ~ Backing Track
04 Zombie Hunter Arise: F# minor. Penelope chases Zahari out of the school.
Sheet Music ~ Backing Track
05 I Don’t Know If I Did the Right Thing: D major. Chantelle worries she’s made a horrible mistake.
Sheet Music ~ Backing Track
06 Zombie High Waltz: E minor. Zombie High (an all-dead-girls private school) on a typical day.
Sheet Music ~ Backing Track
07 Necronomicon: The Book of the Dead: F minor. Professor Zach teaches from the standard textbook for zombies.
Sheet Music ~ Backing Track
08 Necrophilia: C major (two chords!!). Zombies in love lesson. Do not try this at home — unless you’re dead.
Sheet Music ~ Backing Track
09 Murder at Mythic: C major. Zahari arrives at her old class room and reports the horrors from public school.
Sheet Music ~ Backing Track
10 Now You’ve Come Crawling Home: D# minor. Zahari’s friends aren’t so happy to see her.
Sheet Music ~ Backing Track
11 Mommy! Gb minor. Penelope’s mom receives shocking news about zombies at school.
Sheet MusicBacking Track
12 What is Wrong with a Dead Cheerleader? G major. Penelope plans a murder sitting on her couch.
Sheet MusicBacking Track
13 GadzUkes! The Haunted Ukulele Shop: Eb major. In his home workshop, Zahari’s dad works on a new blood-stained ukulele.
Sheet MusicBacking Track
*** GadzUkes! Why isn’t this song done? ***
15 Every Time: D minor. Zahari feels better after Zealand sings.
Sheet MusicBacking Track
17 March on Mythic: Bb major. Parents march on Mythic.
(Jerry Engelbach created this piano arrangement.)
Sheet MusicBacking Track
18 Chainsaw Solution: Bb minor. Hillbilly proposes zombie solution.
Sheet MusicBacking Track
40 The VooZoChee Vujo: G minor. Zombies on stage at talent show.
Sheet MusicBacking Track
44 Long and Lonely Night: F major. The cheerleaders at Mythic miss Zahari.
Sheet MusicBacking Track
I’m writing the sheet music for the stuff below this line.
13 Daddy! (Mommy Reprise)
Heroine returns home after a terrible day. Afraid of new school. Told to lay low by old friends. Can’t be a good example, or the best cheerleader.
GadzUkes Workshop: Zealand, Zahari
14 Tunes from the Morgue
Dad tries to brighten daughter’s spirit with a song on the new ukulele and a buffet of the latest poor kid he’s captured for dinner.
GadzUkes Workshop: Zealand, Zahari
16 How to Start a Voodoo Zombie Ukulele Jazz Orchestra
Zahari goes directly to the Principal early in the morning and learns about the red tape for a new organization and the problems with getting on the talent show list.
Mythic High Hallway: Zahari, Principal
19 Principal’s Lament
Balancing act between helping kids achieve, having a safe environment, and doing what the board tells me.
Solo: Principal
20 Valedictorian
I want an education free from distractions and to win the state championship.
Solo: Penelope
21 Crazy Old Lady (Ode to Soccer Moms): A Parent’s Waltz
Penelope’s mom is understandably fearful of having dangerous children in the school. She feels a need to protect her own child, and make sure she’s safe to receive a quality education.
Solo: Penelope’s Mom
22 Never Enough: A Parent’s Song
Zealand is raising a child with differences and struggling with being different himself. He’s not sure what a good parent should do.
Solo: Zealand
23 Look Beyond My Scars
If they could only hear the song in my heart, they wouldn’t see the scars on my face. Here’s the backstory of Zahari and her family.
Solo: Zahari
24 Zombie Guard
Parents set up a surveillance plan to keep the school zombie free.
Mythic High Hallway: Parents
25 Cheering or Nothingness
Coach telephones Zahari and expresses her sorrow. Zahari quits the squad. Cheering isn’t everything, is it?
Trio: Chantelle, Penelope, Zahari
26 Chantelle’s Song
I want to bring out the best in every kid, but worries she’s overly focused on being second last year. Sad about losing Zahari; has no faith in Penelope.
Solo: Chantelle
27 Choreographing Failure
Penelope is obsessed with doing the triple, but coach knows she doesn’t have the talent.
Mythic High Gym: Chantelle, Penelope, Cheer Squad
28 Squeaking and Squawking
Determined it’s more important than ever to salvage the good name of zombies through a surprise appearance in the talent show, Zahari rounds up her friends and prepares for a little ninja jazz. Unfortunately her friends are really horrible musicians and more inclined to goof around.
GadzUkes Workshop: Zahari, Zombies
29 Jazz Theory
Zealand helps the band get a little harmony.
GadzUkes Workshop: Zealand, Zahari, Zombies
30 Zombies Bearing Ukuleles
They’re a little better, but they know they must be fantastic in order to change minds at the talent show. They have a lot of work to do.
GadzUkes Workshop: Zahari, Zombies
31 Zombie in Abercrombie
Band member is angry. They wouldn’t need to be here if she wouldn’t have joined the cheerleading team. A song can’t save them now. Zahari is resolute that this is the best option.
GadzUkes Workshop: Zahari, Zombies
32 Bliss or Abyss
Zahari says this is the right thing, but privately she doubts. Was angry friend right? Should she just go back to Zombie High?
Solo: Zahari
33 Drones Serving Zombie Queens
Board receives the disturbing news they have a zombie enrolled at Mythic. They may have lots of them and according to Penelope’s Mom they’re eating the children.
Board Room: Principal, Board, Penelope, Penelope’s Mom
34 Tolerance Indeed
School Board responds to the shocking news of intolerance in the schools.
Board Room: Principal, Board, Penelope, Penelope’s Mom
35 Death Test
Board decides every student must be tested to see if they are alive or dead and the dead must be placed into the least restrictive environment, i.e., sent back to Zombie High.
Board Room: Principal, Board, Penelope, Penelope’s Mom
36 An Evening With Rube Goldberg
An insane mechanism is designed to test each kid and the teacher’s are required to run it.
Mythic High: Chantelle, Principal, Penelope, Cheer Squad
37 Just Us Chickens
Everybody passes the machine test. It’s time to get ready for the talent show.
Mythic High: Chantelle, Principal, Penelope, Cheer Squad
38 Welcome to the Talent Show
Working as emcee, Penelope welcomes audience to the big parent night talent show.
Mythic High: Penelope
39 Of Cowgirls, Poets and Elvis Presley
Performers demonstrate their limited skills.
Mythic High: Performers
41 Death Carnival
Zealand arrives to see his daughter defying him, but rocking the house. Penelope manages to get herself untied and brings out a body part of the missing kid. Pandemonium erupts. The zombies run.
Mythic High: Ensemble
42 Look What You’ve Done
You’ve ruined everything. I just wanted to have a great year as a cheerleader.
Duet: Penelope, Zahari
43 Cut the Windmills Down
It’s the hardest job in the world raising my child the best way.
Duet: Penelope’s Mom, Zealand
45 Where I Belong
Zahari and Zombies return to Zombie High. Zahari tries to convince herself cheerleading there isn’t so bad.
Zombie High: Zahari, Zombies
46 How About a Snack?
Lunch room offers usual fair of processed poor kid.
Zombie High: Zahari, Zombies
47 Rich Girls Taste Better (Tunes from the Morgue Reprise)
Zahari realizes if she can’t join ’em, she should eat ’em … especially the tastiest rich girl in town. She must return to Mythic High alone.
Zombie High: Zahari
48 Wonderful Life
Girls on the cheer squad are sad all the drama is over and worried nothing exciting will ever happen again. They’re bored and frustrated waiting for Penelope.
Mythic High Gym: Cheer Squad
49 Yum!
Zahari returns. The cheer squad misses her excitement already. They express their contempt for Penelope who is being a total dictator. Zahari bites each one and when Penelope arrives, she bites her too.
Mythic High Gym: Zahari, Zombies, Penelope, Cheer Squad
50 Everyone’s Doing Zombie and So Should You
All the new young zombies finish biting the faculty and parents and everyone is dead now.
Mythic High Hallway: Everybody
51 We Made the Team
When we work together, great things will happen.
Mythic High: Everybody
00 Finale
Repeat Overture with everybody.
Mythic High: Everybody