Jolly Roger Ukulele

TuffUke: Chord-Melody and Fingerstyle Ukulele for Everyone

STOP! If you're looking for Christmas music, it's HERE. If not, as you were---->

I am in the process of dropping everything ukulele onto this website. Follow the directions (read!) and you'll have my entire program. (They're in order from less difficult to more difficult. Modern songs require a few more hoops to get your hands on!) If you're looking for the entire book and a real legitimate education in how to be an advanced ukulele player, please email me. That's the biggest hoop right now. 🙂

  1. Frere Jacques: This is the basis for almost everything in the entire program. Don't skip this song because you think you're a genius. Learn tempo, learn the clefs, learn key signatures, learn tablature, learn chord grids, learn proper fingering, learn to read real sheet music.