Thy Silver Halide Vampyre


      1. Complete Sound File (for now)


Thy Silver Halide Vampyre
Commedia Dell'Arte with Ample Banjolele

Symphony Number One By Gary Jugert


2:16 Vampire Club
HAYDEN & KITTY & CRISSY: [Eb] Just one night in the cemetery. [Cm] Just one night with our banjolele. [Ab] Just one night to find our vampire. [Bb] Just one night to be immortal. [Eb] Just one night in the cemetery. [Cm] Vampire Club will haunt the nighttime. HAYDEN & KITTY [Ab] Ready for initiation? [Bb] Bite or two right on her neck. HAYDEN: [Eb] You bite her there, and [Gm] I'll bite her here. KITTY: Oh [Cm] Vampire Club! Yes, [Fm] a new recruit! CRISSY: Ouch [Db] that hurts a lot. ALL: Oh [C] Vampire Club!

4:14 Follow Me
UNDERTAKER: [Db] I've been a grave digger [Dbmaj7] most my life. [Db6] Burying memories [Dbmaj7] yard by yard. [Gb] I know what you hope to find tonight. [Ab] Immortality awaits you. [Bbm] Follow me if you dare [Ab6] down into my [Db] crypt.

6:05 Gypsy Violin
VAMPYRE: [Dm] Dear old [Gm] Death you [Dm] play your song so well, but I can't [Gm] stand to [Dm] hear it one more time. [Gm] Play me something [F] with a violin. Some little waltz to make the mind go mad.  One melody young girls would die to hear.  Play me a gypsy violin.  Play as if light still shines in us. Faster and brighter Gypsy Death. Gypsy Death you hide your melody deep inside your score. Play it just for me.

8:37 Joyous Lullabye

Birds ~ Sunset ~ Bats ~ Girls on Bikes ~ Pizza, Candles and Crosses ~ Vampire Club ~ The Undertaker ~ Follow Me ~ In the Crypt ~ Death on the Organ ~ The Vampyre ~ No Damn Bach ~ Gypsy Violin ~ Girls in the Crypt ~ Joyous Lullabye

Conductor's Score ~ Piccolo ~ Flute1 ~ Flute2 ~ Oboe ~ English Horn ~ Clarinet in Bb ~ Bass Clarinet ~ Bassoon ~ Contrabassoon ~ French Horn ~  Trumpet1 ~ Trumpet2 ~ Trombone ~ Tuba ~ Chimes ~ Percussion ~ Banjolele ~ Harp ~ Piano ~ Soprano1 ~ Soprano2 ~ Alto ~ Tenor ~ Bass ~  Violin1 ~ Violin2 ~ Viola ~ Cello ~ Contrabass ~ Organ


Crissy: Vampire Club inductee (soprano)
Hayden: Vampire Club president (soprano)
Kitty: Vampire Club vice president (alto)
Thy Silver Halide Vampyre (Tenor)
The Undertaker (Tenor)
Death on the Organ (Baritone/Bass)