Ohana Baritone BK-20


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Ohana Baritone Ukulele BK-20

The simplest way to play guitar without ruining your life or your bank account.

Baritone ukulele is a way of reclaiming that desire to play guitar the minute you ran into the F-chord and gave up! Baritones are as easy to approach as the ukulele and give you a nice big sound you’re gonna love.

Imagine yourself with the ease of playing four strings (two of them are nylon-ish!) using ukulele chords and still having all the depth of sound you love in a guitar. You may have run across these in a thrift store, or in your own garage, or on the internet (which is where I found all of my personal baritones), but inevitably those old beasts take a lot of work to get them sounding right. Sometimes the vintage instruments aren’t worth fixing. Here is a brand new one at a great price you can play tonight.

Here’s what you should know about this beautiful baritone ukulele: It has a solid mahogany top that will probably sound better the more you play it. The back and sides are mahogany laminate to make sure you have a strong instrument that can handle a little abuse and will give you years of happy playing. The closed geared tuners are really smooth and nice too.

I’ve paid more for vintage baritones and gotten half the playability and tone of these guys. Really they’re a great deal.

As always, I can give you a price discount for local pickup.

I don’t sit around at the store hoping you stop by, so please call or text me to set up an appointment to hang out and play this instrument: 303-984-0777