Ohana Tenor Six String TK-70-6


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Ohana Tenor Six String TK-70-6

Whoa! Stop right there. This is NOT for beginners. This ukulele has six strings and it’s not afraid to use ’em.

Tenor sized body with a high G string, paired octave C strings (a high C!), a typical E string, and paired A strings (a low A!!). If you’re looking for the traditional ukulele sound, this isn’t for you, but if you’re looking to be the coolest strummer in your neighborhood making a sound only you can make then you may have found your new baby. That cute friend of yours will say, “What the heck are you playing?” And you’ll say, “My secret weapon.”

The ukulele has been opening up beautifully since I received it and with its solid spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides it’s gonna age gracefully. There’s some nice body binding, traditional classical guitar tuners on a slotted headstock, and it has GHS nylon strings on it now … but we’ll fix that when you come to buy this.

Leave “my dog has fleas” in Hawaii and come make some unique sounds.

As always, I can give you a price discount for local pickup.

I don’t sit around at the store hoping you stop by, so please call or text me to set up an appointment to hang out and play this instrument: 303-984-0777