Ohana Soprano Kits


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From Ohana: Designed By YOU. The Ohana DIY Ukulele kits allow you to create a ukulele that matches your personality and tastes. Design an instrumentas distinctive as you are. Transform them with exciting colors, and finishes. These kits are built for players who are looking to push the boundaries of creativity and self expression.

The Ohana DIY Kits come partially assembled with the fretboard and neck already glued and attached. What does this mean? It means that you don’t have to worry about issues caused by misaligned necks and gluing mishaps. That way, you can still have a ukulele that you can learn and play on.

Don’t stress over measuring and calculating the correct placement for the bridge. The location of the bridge controls the basic intonation of the instrument, so we’ve done the math for you! The blank ukulele comes with pre-drilled bridge markers that have been measured to the ukulele’s scale length. All you need to do is glue and drill the bridge in place!

The kits come with a pre-drilled headstock, allowing you the ability to easily install the geared tuners that come with the kit.