Ohana Soprano SK-15 Black


Ohana Soprano SK-15 Black

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Ohana Soprano SK-15 Black

When the first shipment of these little guys showed up, I was amazed at the quality. They’re finished with a deep jewel-like tone and all the resonance and sound that comes from these right out of the box was delightful. I wish these were around when I started playing ukulele.

Deep, glossy colors in red, green, blue and black. Mahogany laminate top, back and sides, with rosewood fingerboards and bridges, geared tuners, Aquila strings, and binding around the sound hole and body. These are really pretty, really affordable, and unlike lots of other colored ukuleles, these are excellent quality and worthy of playing.

If you’re gonna buy a ukulele, why not start off with one that will carry you a long way down the musical road? I know the stuff on Amazon and the “next to cheapest” models the stores are carrying seem like a great deal, but this ukulele really is one.

As always, I can give you a price discount for local pickup.

I don’t sit around at the store hoping you stop by, so please call or text me to set up an appointment to hang out and play this instrument: 303-984-0777