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Ukulele Straps from $5

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Ukulele Straps

YES, these make your life easier. Come get one, or ten. If you don’t have the button on the end of your ukulele I can add one in a jiffy for a teeny fee and you’ll be off to rawk the house.

Straps start at $5 and I think the most expensive ones are around $25. Black ones for zombie death metal, tan ones for playing ukulele on your safari, flowered ones for Hawaiian songs, old-school guitar-y looking ones for cowboy music, rainbow striped ones for chasing unicorns. I also have the kind that wrap around the bottom and clip onto the sound hole if you don’t want to take a drill to your ukulele … but it turns out that’s super fun. I have gold, black, and silver buttons to match your hardware on your uke. These are one of the great reasons to stop by the music store and pretend you’re there to do something important when you’re actually just hiding out from life.

As always, I can give you a price discount for local pickup.

I’m at the shop most mornings, but I’m unlikely to be sitting around hoping you’ll stop by. Most likely I’m giving lessons, so please email, call or text me to set up an appointment to hang out and play this instrument: 303-984-0777