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Worth Strings Clear and Brown

Just about every kind they make so come try out a new sound for your ukulele.

Please contact me regarding face-to-face local pick-up prices. (They’re better!) ? 303-984-0777 or garyjugert@yahoo.com

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I try to carry all the types of Worth strings. Since these get super specialized, you may want to call and see if I have the ones you want on hand, or if I’ll need to order them for you. Generally speaking, most people feel like the brown strings offer a darker and more mellow sound that sounds great on some ukuleles and too heavy on others. In regard to pricing, they’re all over the map, but I can almost always match any deals you find on the internet. Don’t fret about the prices you initially see here. I always offer a discount for local pickup. At certain times, Worth will offer deals to certain re-sellers and not others, but in most cases I can meet the deal you’ve found.

Here’s the list of strings I generally have on hand:

BB Brown, Medium, Baritone
BE Brown, Extra, Soprano/Concert, 46″
BF Brown, Fat, Tenor, 63″
BFLG Brown, Fat, Tenor, Low-G, 63″
BM Brown, Medium, Soprano/Concert, 46″
BS Brown, Strong, Soprano/Concert
BSLG Brown, Strong, Low-G
BT Brown, Medium, Tenor, 63″
BTLG Brown, Medium, Tenor, Low-G, 63″
CB Clear, Medium, Baritone
CE Clear, Extra, Soprano/Concert, 46″
CF Clear, Fat, Tenor, 63″
CFLG Clear, Fat, Tenor, Low-G, 63″
CH Clear, Heavy, Tenor, 63″ – NEW
CHLG Clear, Heavy, Tenor, Low-G, 63″
CM Clear, Medium, Soprano/Concert, 46″
CT Clear, Medium, Tenor, 63″

I also have single Low G brown replacement strings if you want to try your ukulele as a Low G instrument.

WorthCTLG WorthCT WorthCM

WorthCHLG WorthCB WorthBTLG

WorthBT WorthBSLG WorthBM

WorthBF WorthBrownLowGSingle