The Future


We're consulting with the Dark Side trying to assess if and when the demon virus will abate and allow the event center to re-open and let us get back to business selling ukuleles and guitars. At the moment, the city and state have centers similar to Grant Street in lock-down mode and we're not allowed to let people in the building. Having said that, I am more than happy to help you with sales, but it will need to be virtually and then I can bring your stuff to the parking lot.

As always, we have a full supply of all things ukulele and most things guitar too. I've pulled the inventory off the website for now as I look to refresh the displays and give each instrument a thorough set up. I have hundreds of ukuleles here and dozens of guitars and I'm happy to discuss with you over email or the phone how we can get your rawkin' or keep you happy with consumerism.

If you buy a ukulele or guitar online or from the warehouse music shops, you're encouraged to set up an appointment and bring it by to have me check it before your ability to return it expires. I see a lot of instruments in the shop that should have never been sold, so it's good to have me check yours for free.

The repair shop is still in business so I can get your instrument up and running, keep it going, or just change the strings to make your time at home more musical. Lessons are all online right now and of course you're always welcome to borrow an instrument as long as you take care of it. Both orchestras are on hiatus until further notice, so use this time to become a better soloist.

Contact me at Gary Jugert 303-984-0777 or