Jumping Flea Arpeggiator

Thirty etudes for the High G ukulele
Every chord, every key, everywhere on the fretboard.
This will make you genius.


If you have any doubt that this is exactly what you’ve been looking for, go to my home page (using the link above) and press play on the media player. You’ll hear the sounds of these etudes and you’ll be super excited to download the entire book for free and all the sound files too:

Download the entire book HERE. Print it out double sided and put it in a binder.
(Or send the PDF over to Kinko’s and have them spiral bind it with some plastic covers.

Download all the audio files HERE. These are computer generated.


Praise for the Jumping Flea Arpeggiator:

From Jaime of Alberta in Canada: “Good morning! I was fortunate to come across your Jumping Flea Argeggiator – Gradus ad Parnassum for the High G Ukulele whilst scouring the web for all things ukulele. I would like to express my gratitude to you for making this available (gratis) to people who are interested in playing the ukulele.  I cannot praise this enough as a tremendously helpful learning tool and for you to have included all of the sound files – so that I know how it should sound! — Well – Brilliant, Generous, Thoughtful You!! Thank you Gary once again – I am so very grateful! P.S. I always love learning new phrases in Latin! Here is one for you – Vivat Ukulele!”

From Karen: “I should go to sleep, but I discovered your web page with the Arpeggiator and I agree it will make me genius. So here I am working it. I get vague responses  when I tell people I play ukulele. They presume that means I know nothing about music nor will I ever. I’ve studied music theory. I’ve been learning the notes on the ukulele fretboard. I know lots of chords different inversions but my right hand remains strum strum strum. So yes this is perfect for a gal like me wanting to get better and better and better. Thank you so much for your wonderful music and especially for the belief that just because someone plays ukulele doesn’t mean they don’t want to know more about music and learn about their instrument. Thank you for making it so intelligent and accessible at the same time.”

From Sebastian of Argentina: “Hello I’m Sebastian from Argentina, and I want to say you thank you very very much for your method. I love the ukulele and your method was very important to learn. My English is not good, I know and sorry, but I have to say to you thanks for your contribution. United for the music. Goodbye.”

From Ivan Olarte, glassical guitarist: “Wow what a great collection of beautiful Etudes. As a classical guitarist, I can tell you these are right up there with Sor and Giuliani.”

Alistair Wood, founder of “These are great! Just been playing through a few of them. I’ll definitely give it a mention on the blog. Thanks.”