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Weekday Harmonica Live

Harmonica Class Join the fun every weekday at 11 am Mountain Time for beginning harmonica class. No musical experience or… read more Weekday Harmonica Live

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Guitar Online Every Day

Until we can get the event center back open, we’re making our own events in cyberspace. Come check out our… read more Guitar Online Every Day

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Daily Ukulele Online

I can’t meet with you face to face since the event center is closed to the public, but we are… read more Daily Ukulele Online

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The Only Music Stand You Should Own

I could carry any music stand, but this is the only one I do. It’s strong, it’s collapsible, it’s kinda… read more The Only Music Stand You Should Own

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The Future

We’re consulting with the Dark Side trying to assess if and when the demon virus will abate and allow the… read more The Future

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Hofner Western Jumbo 5154

Jeez Louise this thing is a wreck. Still sounds and plays great.

Snark ST8-HZ
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One Tuner to Rule Them All

I only carry one tuner. It’s this one.