Rent Me!

Mahalo Rentals

Ohana Rentals

Call me and you’ll be rawkin’ tonight.


Want to give ukulele or guitar a try before you buy? Need to rent one for the weekend while you’re traveling in town? Need a prop for your community theater group’s live re-enactment of “Tiny Tim: The Glory Years?” Your band remembered your pre-CBS Fender Strat, but couldn’t be bothered to properly stow your Smiley Face ukulele, so now you’re headed up to Red Rocks feeling like the show is gonna be a bust?

Well, I gotcha covered.

  • Mahalo Ukuleles rent for $5 per week.
  • Ohana SK-15s rent for $10 per week.
  • Cort 3/4 Size classical guitars rent for $15 per week.

We do a little paperwork, you put down a bit of a deposit, and you’re off to temporary stardom.

All rentals come with a bag and a clip-on tuner. If you decide to buy it after renting it, I will apply your rental fee to the purchase price.