Hofner Western Jumbo 5154 with case


Ya know how when they tell you not to leave your guitar in the car? Well, we might also suggest not leaving your guitar in the garage for 30 years. Here’s a big, amazing sounding relic from the past that looks like we pulled it out of a burning building. The finish is a mess and probably not worth fixing. The tone is wonderful. The pick guard is fully functional. And it has a zero fret so you know the rock stars are going to be jumping for this one. If you want to make great guitar music on an ugly machine, this guitar tends to float in the mid-$600’s, but since we pre-wrecked the thing, let’s get it to you for less than half price. The original case looks better than the guitar. Used. No discounts apply. Call or text 303-984-0777 for an appointment to rawk.

Tetomas F120


We’re updating the website … finally … and this is the first of many posts on their way. As always, you should just call and set up an appointment and come on by. We’ll be working on the digital framework for the store probably forever, so come down and be real.

One Tuner to Rule Them All

Snark ST8-HZ

We only carry one tuner. It’s this one. You should have one of these in every instrument case you own. We’ve tried the others and the pain of living with them still scars our minds. (Admittedly, we weren’t using those minds for anything important, but still it hurts.) Buying a good tuner will change your musical life. Call to come try one out. More info HERE.

Cordoba Cadete

Meet André! Just in and pretty as a peach. This 3/4 size guitar sounds delicious. It’s small and high quality and I’ve set it up to play like butter … and you know butter is easy to play. You don’t need to be fighting a huge guitar to get great sound so come down and give this a twinkle.

Baritones, Tenors, Concerts, Sopranos!

Oh my! I’ve ended up with wall to wall ukuleles at World (Domination) Headquarters and will be crushed under with the next shipments from Ohana, Cordoba, Mahalo and plenty of others, so call me up and get down here to save my life.

If I don’t have it, I can probably get it, and if I can’t get it, you’re probably needing to read less on the internet. I have almost all the good stuff. 

Phone 303-984-0777 

Email garyjugert@yahoo.com 

The Tiple (“Tee Play”) is Here!

Ohana Tiple TK-35-10

Meet Theodore. He’s a ten string ukulele … yup, he’s weird, he’s brash, he’s loud. He’s got metal strings. He can be tuned to C-tuning like most American ukuleles or D-tuning to make him punch you in the face. He’s perfect for mandolin players, ukulele players, and anybody wanting to bring a new powerful and organ-like harmony to their music. In Columbia, they play these with eight strings, but back in the day Martin made a bunch of these with ten strings and then a few other companies joined in the fun. Ohana was pretty smart to offer new versions of these.The one we have in stock is in perfect shape and we’ve set it up to sound and play wonderfully. It’s heavy and ready for an adventurous player to change their musical landscape.
Click here for the rest of the inventory we’ve posted online. (There’s more off line!)
Prices are better for local pickup.
Set up an appointment to visit World (Domination) Headquarters to play some music. Gary Jugert 303-984-0777 or garyjugert@yahoo.com

Schoenhut Piano Ready to Rawk



Looked pretty ratty to start off, but a good cleaning and a new face-plate and it’s ready for Chopin. This bad boy will be teamed up with another one just like it for a dueling pianos event coming soon to a concert stage near you.


Well, the Site Crashed

Boo! The WooCommerce plugin took my whole site down with its latest update. It was bad! So I’m re-doing everything and saying goodbye to the Woo. Be patient as I re-design and re-upload a gajillion things. I guess it was time to clean house anyway.


Adding a K&K Pickup

pickupdrillingpickupprep pickupinstalled

Added a K&K Pickup to this sweet Ohana tenor and wow did it ever pop. Nice and bright and loud.  Consider adding one into your ukulele. Bring it by and I’ll help you with making it happen.

Martin Series 2 in the Shop Today



This little guy showed up in the repair shop today. He’s a little rough around the edges, and his tuners needed some lovin’ from an unrelenting screwdriver, but he’s back in the game. It’s a Martin Style 2 produced sometime between 1935 and 1960. I’m leaning toward an earlier date based on overall condition. Has a nice sweet old-school ukulele sound and it’ll be headed back to the owner tonight.

Guitar Theory



Well, we either had fun and learned a lot in my guitar class tonight, or we had a nightmare and fell into despair. Either way, they’re gonna need to get me more dry erase markers.

Get a Button

Let’s add a strap to your ukulele.

I’ll add a strap button to your uke to make your life easier and get you ready to play Red Rocks.