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Or, you could hurt your brain perusing my personal projects:

vampireThy Silver Halide Vampyre

Symphony Number One by Gary Jugert

I have about ten minutes finished of what should end up being about an hour long symphony.


The Bloody Rebellion of a Voodoo Zombie Cheerleader and Her Vigilante Ukulele Jazz Orchestra

This zombie cheerleader musical is finished and some of my favorite stuff is posted. And some of the stuff that’s pure crap too.

altoidSchool Girls vs. Aliens

The Erotic Space Opera for Ukulele

This is my first musical I wrote. It’s finished and a lot of stuff is posted. Still my favorite thing I’ve written.

And I saved the Harmony ukulele I used for my own personal museum.

tigerTiger Woods in Therapy

A Psycho-Analysis by Ukulele

This musical is finished. Get this: single setting, three actors, and skimpy attire. Yay!

┬┐Creepy?Creepy Guy

Transvestites in Paris Hiltonville: A piccolo (and ukulele) concerto

First draft done. Backing sheet music posted. I have plenty of work ahead to finish the melodies for the piccolo.

buttThe Praise of Folly

Moriae Encomium by Desiderius Erasmus.

Coming someday.

Muddy’s: The Last Great Coffee House Coffee

I just bought this book, but I already know it’s a musical just waiting to happen. If you were a patron of Muddy’s, please contact me with your memories.

This will be my project for summer 2013.

New Yorker

New Yorker by Ukulele

My first songwriting project. (Don’t Go Here)

Mammoth Gardens

The Story of Another Civilization. (My on-again, off again dactylic hexameter project.)


Jumping Flea Arpeggiator

A gradus ad parnassum of fifteen stupidly difficult pieces in every major key for high G ukulele.



Play the Ukulele the Flying Spaghetti Monster Way

A new method for ukulele filled with evil and disparaging remarks on the nature of humanity.

Introduction to Guitar donkey guitar

I teach guitar on Saturdays at the community center.

My Pious Friends and Drunken Companions for the 21st Century

Drinking songs done old school. (Still trying time to research these. Maybe this is why Frank Shay did such an incomplete job.)

Melody Book

Mostly vintage and a few modern songs I like. Stuff that I’ve worked on that doesn’t fit anywhere else.

Christmas Songs

Nice arrangements for solo ukulele. Seriously … these are nice. You want them in your life.

Ukulele Circle of Fifths

Very helpful for writing songs.

Random Key Generator

Very helpful for forcing yourself to learn new keys.

Sheep Chord Finder

Don’t forget to switch the tuning to C.

I Play a Little Piano Too

I’m working on playing every piece published in Pianist magazine. I’m working on some stuff for toy piano. I make racket flop out of my Macintosh. It’s all very high brow stuff.