Beginning Harmonica


Hit play ... and it's pronounced AHM-buh-shure ... not ahm-BOO-shure.

How to Play Harmonica

  • 01WashYourHands

If you want to help teach somebody else how to play, download these slides HERE.

  • Wash your hands.
  • Brush your teeth.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Sit up tall and pretty.
  • Breathe from your belly.
  • Don't blow too hard.
  • Pucker up. Gross!
  • Air needs to go through one hole at a time.
  • Kiss the harmonica ... what?
  • Use your kissing muscles for your embouchure.
  • Your muscles and tongue also help you bend notes.
  • Be ready to “tooo” between every note.
  • Cup the harmonica with both hands.
  • Move your hands, not your face.
  • Harmonica tabs:
    • 4 blow
    • ~4 draw
    • 4* blow with button in
    • ~4* draw with button in
    • (456) use multiple holes for chords
  • Our sheet music includes ensemble arrangements for singers, pianists, guitarists, ukulele players, and any trained musician.